Nel AE, Pavlisko EN, Roggli VL. The Interplay between the Immune System, Tumor Suppressor Genes, and Immune Senescence in Mesothelioma Development and Response to Immunotherapy.[...]

By sjmartinez • November 25, 2023

Goodman JE, Becich MJ, Bernstein DM, Case BW, Mandel JH, Nel AE, Nolan R, Odo NU, Smith SR, Taioli E, Gibbs G. Non-asbestiform elongate mineral[...]

By sjmartinez • March 26, 2023

Nel A. Carbon nanotube pathogenicity conforms to a unified theory for mesothelioma causation by pathogenic elongate materials and fibers. Environ Res. 2022 Nov 10:114580. doi:[...]

By sjmartinez • March 26, 2023