Chronic low back pain

Rodriguez A, Herman PM, Slaughter ME, Edelen MO, Hays RD. Classifying patients with non-specific chronic low back pain using the impact stratification score in an[...]

By sjmartinez • September 10, 2023

Herman PM, Qureshi N, Arick SD, Edelen MO, Hays RD, Rodriguez A, Weir RL, Coulter ID. Definitions of Chronic Low Back Pain From a Scoping[...]

By sjmartinez • March 8, 2023

Rodriguez A, Edelen MO, Herman PM, Hays RD. Unpacking the impact of chronic pain as measured by the impact stratification score. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2022[...]

By rosaguerrero • September 24, 2022