UCLA Undergraduate Research Week – Deans Prize Winners from the UCLA Department of Medicine

Holly Jasmine DoMicrobiology,Immunology& Molecular Genetics  Role of Ubiquitin-Like Modifier FAT10 in Adipose Tissue  Dr. Andrea Hevener  
William Peter HarveyMicrobiology,Immunology& Molecular GeneticsUtilizing Barcoded HIV-1 to Examine the Effect of Envelope Tropism on HIV Reservoir FormationDr. Jocelyn T Kim
Nicole HuangHuman Biology and Society (BS)Ruxolitinib Prevents Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-related Diabetes Mellitus via Inhibition of IL-21 and IFNγDr. Melissa Lechner
Anna Konstantinovna NovoselovEnvironmental ScienceOverexpression of mer operon genes in gut bacterium reduces methylmercury accumulation in vitro and in vivoDr. Elaine Yih-Nien Hsiao
Srihari PrabuBiochemistryUltrafine Particle Inhalation and Chronic Inflammation in Interleukin-10 Deficient MiceDr. Jesus A Araujo
Margaret Ruyi WangMolecular, Cell, and Developmental BiologyEngineering enhanced anti-HIV CAR T-cells using CRISPR/Cas9Dr. Scott G Kitchen
Charlie Zhi-Lin ZhengMolecular, Cell, and Developmental BiologySnai1b-Mediated Myocardial Growth and Trabeculation in Response to Mechanical StimulationDr. Tzung Hsiai

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