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Hello Herose
When I was first diagnosed with the phrenic nerve palsy and after a CT scan, I spent a night in hospital they kept testing my blood oxygen saturation and at times that night it was as low as 80 and beeping! Indicating I needed urgent attention and/or dieing. Even that didn't cause the nurse at the time to run though. During that night it varied from the 80 up to 90. Thereafter, and after a MRI scan, and about a fortnight later, I was getting readings of 90, maybe 92. Two years later I'm at 95 pretty consistently. So a reading of 97 is bloody good. No sure what that does for your hypothesis.
I have had lots of tests, and basically each one twice over. Some discussions with Dr Kaufman. I'm waiting to hear from the Dept of Health here whether I might qualify to have the procedure. So lots of touching wood.
Not sure what all this means for your hypothesis.

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Hi Peter M,
My problems started after a subclavian carotid bypass to create a new blood supply for my left arm prior to extensive stent work to repair 2 holes in my aorta. During the bypass my Phrenic nerve was "nicked" about a week after the stent surgery I had a coughing fit and I believe my phrenic nerved snapped. prior to that I could walk 3 laps of the ward with no issues after I couldn't do half a lap without stopping to get my breath. That was last August and I'm still waiting to see a lung specialist October 2020 being the first available appointment and now with what is going on it could be longer. An Xray shows elevation of the left side of my diaphram with my stomach pushing the diaphram up with a "gas bubble " forming in my stomach pushing up further. I can walk on a level path but not walk and talk, and even the slightest incline leaves me gasping for breath. I can't even carry a bag of groceries and for the fist time in my life I have to pay someone to service my vehicles. My GP is of the impression I'm as good as I'm going to get but as I havn't seen a specialist I'm not sure what the future holds but I wish there was someone doing Phrenic nerve repairs in Australia as I'm certain my flying days are over. best of luck everyone!