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Hello Mimi and sorry for asking after such a long time from your post, but i recently also had to go to the internet for my symptomns similar to you and the david of the article. My pulmonologist refuses to acknowledge my problem may be caused by something other than my being over weight. The best i got was a reading of blood oxygen saturation using those things they clamp on your index finger, which showed good numbers (97 i think). May i ask if you had the same test and if the result was also good? If so it might support my hyphotesis. Sorry for mistakes, english is my second language

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Hello Herose
When I was first diagnosed with the phrenic nerve palsy and after a CT scan, I spent a night in hospital they kept testing my blood oxygen saturation and at times that night it was as low as 80 and beeping! Indicating I needed urgent attention and/or dieing. Even that didn't cause the nurse at the time to run though. During that night it varied from the 80 up to 90. Thereafter, and after a MRI scan, and about a fortnight later, I was getting readings of 90, maybe 92. Two years later I'm at 95 pretty consistently. So a reading of 97 is bloody good. No sure what that does for your hypothesis.
I have had lots of tests, and basically each one twice over. Some discussions with Dr Kaufman. I'm waiting to hear from the Dept of Health here whether I might qualify to have the procedure. So lots of touching wood.
Not sure what all this means for your hypothesis.

HI all you need is a simple xray of your lung if the radiologist report shows elevated diaphragm did you ever get an xray? I was first diagnosed by a regular General Practitioner wasn't until much later that I decided to see a pulmonologist. Being overweight depending on how much that can cause breathing issues because of the amount of fat below the diaphragm. I would suggest you follow their advice and lose the weight be surprised how just 20 lbs loss will make you feel.