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I had the ‘sniff’ test during the series of tests at Johns Hopkins. They did blood work that came back ok, and they even tested me for a genetic disorder called Pompe Disease. Thankfully, that was negative, but still no answers. I don’t know what to do… Something is pressing on something major because if I bend down, and try to pick something up, or do something, I get short of breath. This is frustrating at best. I was told by one specialist that I had an enlarged lymph node on the right side of my throat…this lymph node was noted by my primary care doctor two years ago. Why hasn’t anyone done anything about this lymph node!!?? If you all were in my shoes, what would you do next… go back to the ENT?

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The symptoms you are describing sounds like mine. I now have restrictions on what I can do. Bending over cuts my breathing off. Just getting in the bed at night I have to start gasping for air until I get my oxygen level back up. I’m sure it’s Phrenic nerve damage from what I’ve been told and read up on. My right diaphragm is paralyzed according to the Lung doctor.

Hmm, go to a Neurology specialist. I went to one at Hopkins, and that is when they did the EMG with the needle to check my phrenic nerve. They told me that my diaphragm looked ‘ok.’ My next step.. probably going to an ENT in New York to see if I have some sort of paralysis somewhere else or if something is pressing on a nerve when I move certain ways. So complicated!!! Keep us up to date on your health!

Hello Mimi and sorry for asking after such a long time from your post, but i recently also had to go to the internet for my symptomns similar to you and the david of the article. My pulmonologist refuses to acknowledge my problem may be caused by something other than my being over weight. The best i got was a reading of blood oxygen saturation using those things they clamp on your index finger, which showed good numbers (97 i think). May i ask if you had the same test and if the result was also good? If so it might support my hyphotesis. Sorry for mistakes, english is my second language