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I have the same symptoms. What diagnostic studies did you have? Were you ever told that you may have a post viral infection? Did you have any stomach pain? Excessive belching?Have you had a sleep study?

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Hi there, thanks for responding! I am sorry it took a while to get back to you. I have had MRI with and without contrast of the brain, of the c spine, of the neck, face, orbits. I have had two pulmonary function tests, a lot of blood work, carotid testing, vascular, every cardiac test you can think of, Chest CT, Arteriogram of the c spine, and I just had an EMG with a nerve conduction study where they put needles in my right bicep, left deltoid, right groin, diaphragm, left forehead. I have had digestive symptoms, yes, but they are relieved by an enzyme supplement. I don’t have stomach pain… no belching. I haven’t had a sleep study. My issue is getting worse… just carrying stuff to the car, walking up stairs, doing laundry, I feel like my airway is compromised and something is pushing back on my chest, and i start having difficulty breathing… but I lose my voice. Today during physical therapy (for my knee) — because I get very weak, and have decreased sensation on my left side — left face, all the way down my leg. (yet another lovely symptom.) today, I was laying on my back doing a core-building exercise and had shortness of breath trying to strengthen my core… ugh.

I don’t know if it is my phrenic nerve… they said my diaphragm looked ok. So frustrating!


My lung doctor sent me for what is called a sniff test. While you stiff during an xray you can see on a screen if the lung is inhaling or exhaling. Mind on the right side was not and was paralyzed. It was damaged during my Appendix surgery.

Have they done a sniff test?