"An unprecedented time for health care systems in our country.” Spisso discussed COVID-19 along with Dr. Peter Slavin, president of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

By uclahealth • March 14, 2020
I was diagnosed with Graves' disease that was roughly 7 years ago. I was being taken care of by my primary care doctor for the first 3 years. Then I saw an endocrinologist and was treated for another 3 years. He also discovered a nodule through my ultrasound, in which [...]
By Sergio12 • March 11, 2020
I would rate Dr.Yeh as very professional and not intimidating-- he's very easy to talk and everyone here at the clinic was very easy to talk to and compassionate. I was diagnosed with a gross on my thyroid, in September of 2019. I was not very educated at the time [...]
By Gerald12 • March 11, 2020
Unbelievably-- above and beyond what I was expecting. Dr.Yeh, he goes above and beyond as he is so knowledgeable and professional. He answered all the questions I had and even the ones didn't have. I had a ultrasound and biopsy done in November and my doctor said that I had [...]
By Keki10 • March 11, 2020

Dennis Slamon, MD and Lilly Tartikoff take their fight against cancer to NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show

By uclahealth • February 25, 2020

“We are here to support patients, families and staff as they go through a rather challenging time,” explains Reverend Yuko Uesugi, the Interim Director of Department of Spiritual Care at UCLA Health. “For patients and their families, our job starts with first introducing ourselves and building a rapport. For them to feel safe to [...]

By uclahealth • February 21, 2020

Whether it is the death of a public figure like Kobe Bryant or of a beloved family member or friend, loss can stir myriad, and often difficult, emotions: disbelief, sadness, anger, loneliness, fear, guilt, sorrow, pain, regret and despair. For those experiencing these feelings, it is important to give yourself [...]

By uclahealth • February 20, 2020

“One thing that’s unique about our team is we have the luxury of time. We will sit with a family for an hour,” states Gina Kornfeind, a pediatric palliative care social worker and bereavement coordinator at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. “Our palliative care team is a service that helps [...]

By uclahealth • February 20, 2020

The outpouring of grief from all corners of the United States following the death in January of retired basketball star Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven other people likely wasn’t just about the loss of these nine people, say UCLA experts in loss and bereavement. For some people, the [...]

By uclahealth • February 5, 2020

After spending much of his early life in hospitals, Jackson Verner lived out his dream as UCLA Kid Captain, charming everyone along the way.

By uclahealth • January 10, 2020