After surgery I feel like a million dollars.

By uclahealth • June 26, 2019

I was a Kaiser patient 2 and a half year ago, I had an unsuccessful parathyroidectomy. I had osteopenia and getting worse. After an unsuccessful parathyroidectomy, they did a test to find where it was. Then I was referred to a surgeon who discouraged further surgery. When I turned 65 [...]

By Kathleen • June 26, 2019

I’m writing to commend UCLA Health, the UCLA Endocrine Center & the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for my recent successful minimally invasive parathyroidectomy. Dr. Masha Livhits and Dr. Lauren Orr reviewed the pre-op material submitted by my General Practitioner in Alaska, personally examined, and successfully operated on me less than [...]

By SANTA • June 24, 2019

I had revision bi-lateral hernia surgery with mesh removal performed by Dr. David Chen at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, in February 2019 with an overnight stay. The entire experience from Admissions through discharge was excellent. I cannot give enough praise to everyone who was part of my care, including [...]

By JoeC • June 24, 2019

I was referred from my thyroid doctor to Dr. Yeh. I actually did my own research and saw all his wonderful reviews, and I also had friends who were his patients so I came in knowing that he was one of the best. I had thyroid nodules that were growing [...]

By JJoe • May 16, 2019

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Chen and his team. As I am approaching my 18 month post-surgery anniversary, I am so happy that I had this procedure and have made many lifestyle changes. I have battled with my weight for most of my adult life and have tried [...]

By Jen • April 22, 2019

“Every Monday and Thursday morning we do biopsies for our post-heart transplant patients,” says Dr. Ali Nsair, director of the Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at UCLA. “We do this to confirm that they have no rejection. We’re one of the first programs to adopt a blood test [...]

By uclahealth • April 17, 2019

21 years ago I had a quadruple bypass then last March I had a minor heart attack,” says 61-year-old James Harris, who was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to wait for a heart transplant. “I was here for two and a half months waiting, and then a heart [...]

By uclahealth • April 15, 2019

It was the right decision for me and I have recommended the bariatric surgery to others.

By uclahealth • April 12, 2019

“This is the heart transplant support group,” says Codie Lieto, far right, a clinical social worker at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “We meet with patients, families, and their caregivers. It’s important to have peer-to-peer support. We try to facilitate patients and families being able to support one another and [...]

By uclahealth • April 12, 2019