UCLA doctor diagnoses teen's complex disorder, restoring her vision, ability to enjoy life

July 5, 2018

UCLA doctor diagnoses teen’s complex disorder, restoring her vision, ability to enjoy life

By Elaine Schmidt Elaine Schmidt

Rhianna Wilson spent her senior year of high school in and out of four San Diego hospitals, seeking relief for her vision loss, pain and debilitating headaches. At age 18, she was diagnosed with Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a rare genetic disorder marked by overly stretchy connective tissue. In Wilson’s case, the disorder revealed itself in […]

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Ask the Doctors - Are there any natural remedies for arthritis pain?

June 18, 2018

Ask the Doctors – Are there any natural remedies for arthritis pain?

By Ask the Doctors Ask the Doctors

Dear Doctor: Are there natural remedies for arthritis? Exercises that could help? My pain is in the upper arms and shoulders. Osteoarthritis, the kind that you’re describing, is the most common type of arthritis.  It’s caused by degeneration of the cartilage within a joint.  Cartilage is a tissue that provides cushion to the joint.  Without […]

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April 11, 2018

Research data and support systems

By MaryBeth63 MaryBeth63

Dr. Mihaela Taylor has recently put together group meetings for her patients that have both rheumatology issues and fibromyalgia. In these meetings, she reviews the latest research and information to help us self-manage our disease in addition to the steps that she takes during our 1:1 appointments. The groups also get a chance to talk […]

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September 14, 2017

Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment

By farnoaga farnoaga

I have a weak immune system and various allergic responses to toxins and pollutants, which manifest themselves as an array of symptoms attributable to a number of causes. It was only when I was sent to UCLA Rheumatology that all my symptoms started to make sense in a systemic kind of way, due to Dr. […]

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A few facts about rheumatology at UCLA

June 15, 2017

A few facts about rheumatology at UCLA

By Enrique Rivero Enrique Rivero

Most people think of rheumatology as the study of joint disorders, such as arthritis, but they may not know just how broad the field really is. Because rheumatologic disorders also affect blood vessels, organs and a host of other body parts, rheumatology research delves down into the effects on those systems as well. At UCLA, […]

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January 5, 2017

My Story UCLA Health

By judy1 judy1

My story begins in my pulmonary doctors office, Dr. John Abe, when I began to cry. I explained that I felt terrible and all I got from my current primary doctor was that my tests were all within “national guidelines”. Dr. John Abe had been my pulmonary doctor for around 5 years and I thought […]

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Treatment for autoimmune disorders benefits from advances in evolving class of drugs

August 3, 2016

Treatment for autoimmune disorders benefits from advances in evolving class of drugs

By uclahealth uclahealth

The growing availability of biologic therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory autoimmune disorders has had a dramatic impact on the treatment and prognosis for patients with these potentially disabling diseases. Biologics are genetically engineered drugs designed to interact with the body’s immune response to dampen the damaging effects of rheumatologic disorders. In the case […]

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