A long distance to travel for a special Doctor

March 31, 2016

A long distance to travel for a special Doctor

By hugabear hugabear

6For over 21 years I’ve had medical issues that continue to keep doctors scratching their heads. I’ve had a central IV line for 21 year and because of my SVC, right and left juggler, right and left subclavian veins and veins in my groin have scared off.. Several doctors in WA state attempted to open […]

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September 23, 2013

Todd’s Story – AngioVac Removes Blood Clot

By uclahealth uclahealth

  Todd Dunlap, 62, arrived at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center’s emergency room on Aug. 8 suffering from shortness of breath, fatigue and extreme cold. When a CT scan revealed a 24-inch clot stretching from his legs into his heart, doctors feared the mass could break loose and lodge in his lungs, blocking oxygen and […]

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