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Primary Care

No matter what day it is, Dr. Anne Arikian always has a smile on her face. She is the type of doctor who, cares about what you say and spends extra time with you regardless how behind she might be. Instead of writing a prescription for another pill, [...]
By katalin_szeker • March 31, 2016
For 12 years, Dr. Neil Parker has been my primary physician, I am blessed and lucky to have a Dr. Who is caring compassionate and who I consider my friend. Dr. Parker has always been very interested on my overall health, he takes the time to listen to [...]
By weluvscooter • March 31, 2016
I had been in The Los Angeles UCLA ICU and transferred to a rehab facility. I was adjusting to this first-time experience when I received a phone call from my PCP, Dr. Neil Wenger. Doesn't sound unusual you say? The unusual thing is that he was in [...]
By kspencer1 • March 30, 2016
We met Dr. Pimstone when UCLA opened in Thousand Oaks & felt like we knew him forever. He is very patient & understanding. Even though he is extremely busy you never feel rushed & know your getting the best care possible. Thank you Dr. Pimstone.
By rjmastro1 • March 30, 2016
Dr. Roberto Vargas is just an amazing physician. Not only does he do work in the community, he also takes the time to be a PCP. He is so compassionate and does not mind taking time, sending e-mails through MyChart and the personal calls are just his [...]
By socsj • March 30, 2016
We have an old school family doc. She's taken care of my family for almost 3 decades and we LOVE her. Dr. Caroline Close is everything you want in a Doc. She is smart, current, thorough, thoughtful, curious, cautious, kind, communicative, and compassionate. All that and a bag [...]
By pammland • March 30, 2016