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Throat Cancer Patient Story Testimonial: Throat Cancer Surgery “Dr. St. John and Dr. Chhetri, both the nation’s top throat and neck surgeons removed the throat cancer and neck effected areas with absolute precision.” —Paul I’ve maybe been taking advantage of great health. Living a bit of a health charmed life. After all, I [...]

By uclahealth • July 10, 2020

Giving birth during COVID-19: “Birthing may be different, but different doesn’t mean something isn’t good,” says Dr. Sridhar.

By Jane Murcia • June 23, 2020

By uclahealth • June 19, 2020

Head and Neck Melanoma Patient Story Testimonial: Head & Neck Cancer Surgery - Melanoma “I could not have received better care anywhere.” —Robb I am an American physician working overseas and was diagnosed with malignant melanoma while in Africa. I contacted UCLA from Africa and was given an appointment the day after I [...]

By uclahealth • June 19, 2020

HPV p16 Throat Cancer Patient Story - Robotic Surgery Testimonial: Robotic HPV p16 Throat Cancer Surgery “I was not a smoker or drinker by the way, just a healthy 55-year-old with HPV P 16 throat cancer that met the best Doctor in Maie St John and here today and for the next [...]

By uclahealth • June 19, 2020

This is an amazing team of highly qualified specialists.

By uclahealth • June 4, 2020

The process itself was effortless and I recovered really quickly from the surgery.

By uclahealth • May 21, 2020

I’ve lost 100 lbs and gained many years of life.

By uclahealth • March 9, 2020

“I was originally looking for a peer support program, but then I came and was encouraged to share my perspective,” remembered Chinna Balachandran, who joined the Neurosurgery Patient and Family Advisory Council (NPFAC). “I had a traumatic brain injury, a subdural hematoma. It’s bleeding in the brain that is so [...]

By uclahealth • January 30, 2020

“I had a golf ball-sized meningioma taken out of brain and was so impressed by the help I got at UCLA Health that when I had the chance to give back, I gave something back,” explains Brad Lusk. Lusk underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove a very healthy and growing [...]

By uclahealth • January 30, 2020