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“I was 35 years old when I started seeing some blood in my stool,” says Cameron Kalunian, whose primary care physician sent Cameron to a gastroenterologist to determine the cause. “They performed a sigmoidoscopy, which is a less invasive test than a colonoscopy. They found a large tumor at my [...]

By uclahealth • March 16, 2021

My husband was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in Jan of 2019. He began treatment at Boyer Clinic with Dr. Schiller and Karolina Faysman in March of 2019. They saved his life! Thanks to their kindness, expertise, and compassion, he is now 16 months post transplant and doing well! [...]

By parisarocks • January 7, 2021

Squamous Cell Cancer Patient Story Testimonial: Squamous Cell Cancer, HPV Positive Treatment “Dr. St. John is a specialist who will go the extra mile to treat and cure you of this cancer, may God bless her and her team at UCLA” —Laurie I was diagnosed with early stage tonsil cancer in June 2019 [...]

By uclahealth • November 3, 2020

Endocrine Success Story - Dr. Srikanthan Testimonial: Endocrine Treatment at UCLA “Thanks again to Dr. Srikanthan for not giving up, following her intuition while listening to my symptoms, and helping me finding my health again! ” —Valeria I would like to endorse the detailed and caring approach of Dr Srikanthan. She treats her [...]

By uclahealth • October 30, 2020

Tongue Cancer Patient Story Testimonial: Tongue Cancer Surgery “This testimonial is in regards to treatment I received for my tongue cancer by Dr. St John and her team at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.” —Dr. Michael Smith In 2016, I was diagnosed first with Stage 3B carcinoid tumor of the terminal ileum (colon), [...]

By uclahealth • October 29, 2020

I just wanted to start by saying WOW! After having four consecutive miscarriages, I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek help from the best of the best. My husband and I first went to UCLA (over an hour away each direction) to meet Dr. Al-Safi back [...]

By uclahealth • October 26, 2020

If you are reading this review, probably you are considering finding the best cardiologist for your situation. Hopefully you have the time and advantage to ask your friends and family for referrals so you can do the research for your best alternatives. Unfortunately none of that applied to me. I woke [...]

By Grateful • October 12, 2020

Ameloblastoma Patient Story Testimonial: Ameloblastoma Treatment at UCLA “Thanks to doctors like Dr. St. John and Dr. Blackwell, I am well on the road to a full recovery” —Eric I had the fortunate experience of having Dr. St. John on my surgical team for treatment of my Ameloblastoma. In late July 2020, I [...]

By uclahealth • October 9, 2020

Basal Cell Carcinoma Patient Story Testimonial: Basal Cell Carcinoma Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA “I know that I made the right choice putting my health (and my life) in Dr. St John’s hands, and that I’ve got the best team of doctors and nurses for what cancer throws at me next” [...]

By uclahealth • October 2, 2020

A few days ago I saw Dr. Michael Robinson at UCLA Health in Encino. His bedside manner and professionalism while making me feel comfortable and asking the right questions was one of the best I’ve experienced. He takes time with his patients and works to get to the root of [...]

By uclahealth • September 20, 2020