Operation Mend

Exceptional graduate students work alongside UCLA Health executives

By Sandy Cohen • January 12, 2023

Vietnam War veteran turned UCLA Health surgeon will receive the Distinguished Citizen Award

By Sandy Cohen • September 9, 2022

A partnership formed in 1947 between UCLA and the VA has evolved into a multitude of services and research studies

By Sandy Cohen • November 10, 2021

UCLA Health President Johnese Spisso and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block will join a contingent of nearly 100

By Sandy Cohen • November 10, 2021

New intensive-treatment program helps veterans get back to a healthy, active lifestyle

By uclahealth • November 10, 2021

'It’s very heartbreaking for the soldiers,' says UCLA Health psychiatrist Bruce Kagan who leads an outpatient PTSD clinic for the Veterans Administration

By Sandy Cohen • August 24, 2021

“I was part of a female engagement team, and we were helping an all-girls school that had been blown up by the Taliban rebuild,” recounts ...

By uclahealth • November 27, 2019

“When I lost my arm, I felt like I lost my identity,” admits 46-year-old Darius Johnson, who was an infantryman and squad leader in the ...

By uclahealth • November 27, 2019

“Operation Mend gave me my confidence back,” confirms Angelica Jimenez, a USMC Field Radio Operator who got treatment from Operation Mend for her third-degree burns ...

By uclahealth • November 10, 2019

“There were six of us in the vehicle. We were crossing over a bridge when ‘BAM!,’ an IED went off,” recounts 48-year-old Chris

By uclahealth • November 10, 2019