Family Medicine

Dear Doctor: We live near a freeway with a lot of traffic.  Do I need to be worried about my kids developing asthma? This is a valid question.  Cars release a number of small particles into the air that can irritate [...]
By Ask the Doctors • May 21, 2018
Dear Doctors: We live in a charming older home but some of the paint looks old. How worried should I be that it might contain lead? You’re right to be concerned about the possible presence of lead-based [...]
By Ask the Doctors • May 15, 2018
May awareness day for condition that affects 2 percent of pregnant women Morning sickness—nausea and vomiting during pregnancy—occurs in up to 90 percent of women. Even animals, including a Gorilla named Calaya, have experienced it, too. About 2 percent of pregnant women suffer a more severe form of [...]
By Amy Albin • May 10, 2018
I wanted to thank Dr James Murray (Family Practice in SM) for always acknowledging and recognizing his staff. Not only does he acknowledge us on special occasions, but all week with his praise to the patients about his staff. He keeps the office fun [...]
By Brandy76 • March 28, 2018