David Geffen School of Medicine

The team transplants 10 to 13 hearts in pediatric patients annually, with excellent survival rates

By uclahealth • July 18, 2022

As temperatures rise, so does the risk of serious illness

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A lowly flatworm brings researchers closer to solving a genetic mystery

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Science is leading us to a much more specific understanding of migraine and also to much more specific and effective therapies,’ says Andrew Charles, MD

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A lack of access to everyday technology contributes to health disparities

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With COVID-19 lingering, old-style family road trips and visits to nature destinations may be the best bets

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A first-generation DGSOM graduate reflects on her roots and time in medical school

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A 2022 DGSOM graduate realizes his family’s dream

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It’s a ‘human-rights’ crisis, says Dr. Ninez Ponce, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

By Sandy Cohen • May 25, 2022

The Service of Gratitude Ceremony honors patients in the UCLA Donated Body Program

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • May 24, 2022