Coronavirus news and updates

Is there a difference in effectiveness?

By Sandy Cohen • January 20, 2022

Ask the Doctors answers a few of your most-asked questions this month

By Ask the Doctors • January 19, 2022

Protective eye wear and masks were made using 3D-printing technology

By uclahealth • January 14, 2022

Ask the Doctors answers your most-asked booster shot related questions

By Ask the Doctors • January 14, 2022

Two years into the pandemic and many people are left with symptoms that linger up to at least six months

By Ask the Doctors • January 10, 2022

Having flu and COVID-19 at the same time is nothing new

By Sandy Cohen • January 7, 2022

Read more about the omicron variant, and its difference to the delta variant

By Ask the Doctors • January 5, 2022

Also, additional tips on sticking to your goals when the New Year excitement begins to fade

By Chayil Champion • December 30, 2021

Variants, vaccines, artificial kidney topped the list

By uclahealth • December 28, 2021

The ongoing pandemic makes large holiday gatherings even more complicated

By Ask the Doctors • December 24, 2021