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Whether it’s coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages, we humans love the lift it gives

By Ask the Doctors • June 1, 2022

Pinworms, also known as Enterobius vermicularis, are the most common cause of worm infections in the United States

By Ask the Doctors • May 30, 2022

Learn more about myasthenia gravis and the symptoms

By Ask the Doctors • May 27, 2022

Having too much glucose in the blood for extended periods of time leads to a range of serious health problems

By Ask the Doctors • May 25, 2022

Your sense of balance is actually quite complex, and the inner ear, as well as strength and flexibility, each play an important role

By Ask the Doctors • May 23, 2022

While liver disease in children is not rare, a cluster of cases in the span of a few months raises alarms

By Ask the Doctors • May 20, 2022

Ask the Doctors answers a few of your most-asked questions this month

By Ask the Doctors • May 18, 2022

Tuberculosis is a serious international health threat; whether latent or active, treatment is necessary

By Ask the Doctors • May 16, 2022

Poor appetite and even a complete loss of appetite are common side effects during chemotherapy

By Ask the Doctors • May 13, 2022

The A1C test measures your average levels of blood glucose, or blood sugar, over the previous three months

By Ask the Doctors • May 11, 2022