The balance test is part of an important body of research that links good balance to health and well-being

By Ask the Doctors • September 9, 2022

As we grow older, our body and our skin changes

By Ask the Doctors • July 29, 2022

Daily tasks and activities can change in a assisted living home, but those activities can be exchanged for more targeted physical effort

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As the number of elderly people with HIV grows, researchers question how it affects diseases such as Alzheimer’s

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Falling is the leading cause of preventable injury in the U.S., and is particularly perilous for older adults

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Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in older age, and typically begins to affect adults who are 55 and older

By Ask the Doctors • June 10, 2022

Your sense of balance is actually quite complex, and the inner ear, as well as strength and flexibility, each play an important role

By Ask the Doctors • May 23, 2022

Asking older patients just three questions may lead to earlier detection and timely diagnosis of cognitive decline

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Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that plays a vital role in some of the body’s most important functions

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Cold weather poses an additional risk for older adults due to some of the physical changes associated with aging

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