UCLA Kidney Health Fair

My name is Victoria Negrete; I was blessed with three children, two boys, and a girl. My eldest born son was first diagnosed with kidney failure in 1994, at the age of sixteen. He was supposed to have started dialysis in 2001, but he tragically lost his life after [...]
By Family • March 25, 2019
As a medical student, it was truly a pleasure to attend and volunteer at the 2018 Kidney Fair at the Beach! To me, the fair represents UCLA Health and specifically Dr. Rastogi and his By ZachJ • June 12, 2018
I attended the UCLA Kidney Health Fair in Santa Monica, CA on March 26, 2017 as a volunteer. I was amazed with the turnout and how excited everyone was as they increased their knowledge of kidney disease, nutrition and diet, and kidney resources. Our event attracted a lot of attention [...]
By lexie19 • April 19, 2017
  I went to the 2017 UCLA Kidney Health Event. I was blown away by the number of participants, and volunteers helping out. It was such an educational event, about so many diseases related to kidney health, but it was also such a beautiful and fun day. [...]
By jajosaee • March 30, 2017