UCLA Health volunteers

“Jo Sue has written hundreds of biographies since she started the program,” says Carey McCarthy, not pictured, as she honored Jo Sue Whisler, a Living History Program volunteer in the hematology and oncology unit at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, for her [...]
By uclahealth • October 22, 2018
Students participating in the UCLA Health Pre-Med Summer Scholars program practice their robotic surgery skills at UCLA's Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology. What did you do over summer vacation? One group of teens will share their stories of watching an autopsy, practicing robotic surgery and checking out a [...]
By Amy Albin • July 13, 2017
When supporting a nonprofit organization, some people write checks and others volunteer their [...]
By Amy Albin • May 9, 2017
As the election season recedes and the holidays approach, this may be the perfect time to decompress and reflect within about ourselves and our nation. For me, the process starts with taking a fresh look at the candidates’ slogans.  Whether it’s “Make America Great Again” or “Stronger Together,” the [...]
By Roxanne Moster • November 29, 2016