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ucla endocrine

From the minute I entered UCLA - from Day 1- everyone cared so much. I had their full attention, their kindness, their friendliness. They took care of me so fast it was unbelievable! Dr. Michael Yeh performed surgery on February 23 and I am [...]
By Pete • March 16, 2018
I was worried when UCLA took over the health plan for my union. I thought there would be less personal care and more red tape to get needed procedures done. However, the opposite has been true. I am now post-op with my second bout of thyroid cancer and have been [...]
By Lexi • March 5, 2018
I was initially treated at UCLA Health for folicular lymphoma and had excellent care. So, when a year later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I knew I wanted to stay at UCLA. After my biopsy I was referred to
By Riz • February 1, 2018
I work for an ENT. He was buying an ultrasound machine and was testing the machine on his staff. When it was my turn, he noticed a lymph node on the right side and then on the left. He told me I should see an endocrinologist. This was late in [...]
By Mary • January 31, 2018
I'm very happy with my experience and am very thankful for the UCLA Endocrine Center. There's a feeling of safety we felt throughout the process, and speaking with Dr. Yeh reduced a lot of our anxiety. I would highly [...]
By atomic bomb • December 8, 2017
I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism after getting a routine bone density scan that showed I was getting osteoporosis. After much research, I found two places where I could receive treatment for my parathyroidism - one in Florida and the By Hayley • December 6, 2017
I've been having a problem with hyperthyroidism for 35 years, but I always put it off because I felt well and never felt a need for treatment. When I visited Dr. Yeh 3 years ago due to high Calcium levels in [...]
By Sonja • December 6, 2017
We knew something was wrong when I saw visible nodules in my neck. I came in to the clinic not wanting surgery and I told Dr. Yeh the moment I stepped into the office. The idea of surgery and a scar on my neck was [...]
By Alyssa • December 5, 2017
A physician in Santa Barbara said was almost at the point of needing dialysis. As I very small and frail and in poor health, he said dialysis would be very hard on me and gave me a prognosis of less than 2 years. He said the surgery might be my [...]
By kw • December 5, 2017
After labor day when I found a lump. I went to my GP and then I contacted an endocrinologist who verified that there was something there. She recommended me to Dr. Yeh and got lucky and came up. It was all very fast; it was [...]
By Schell • December 4, 2017