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February 22, 2013

122 Days of Bed Rest While Pregnant with Twins

By BroadwayBabies BroadwayBabies

On December 21, 2011, I was admitted into UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica because the lives of my unborn twins were in danger. At 19 weeks pregnant, I had gone into pre-term labor and was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. Luckily, Dr. Tabsh was able to catch this major complication just in time so that […]

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May 1, 2012

Miracle Twins – Andrea’s Story

By uclahealth uclahealth

John and Andrea Nelson Meigs and their two-year-old daughter, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Alexandra, to their family in October 2007. But just weeks after bringing Alexandria home, John and Andrea began to suspect something was wrong. At her two-month checkup, Alexandra wasn’t moving her arms and legs and she was breathing rapidly. Alexandra was […]

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