Five years ago this month (Feb) my nephew was so very fortunate to receive a heart transplant at the UCLA Medical Center. He was born with heart defects and after operations and 40 plus years needed major surgery. He was flown from the east coast to UCLA for surgery by [...]
By BonnieL • February 7, 2013
Ever since 2008, I have been volunteering at UCLA's CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center with pancreatic cancer research and later at UCLA's Iris Canter Breast Imaging Center with their clinical research. However, I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I would one day be a patient at UCLA. Amidst [...]
By EyeDoc2016 • January 16, 2013
My name is Vicky I’m 28 years old and I’m a 2x liver transplant survivor. Throughout my life, I never knew what life was like before my first transplant. You see, shortly after I was born, I was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a birth defect where the bile ducts don’t [...]
By Vicky • January 15, 2013   Brian Hinsley is a firefighter-paramedic for the County of Los Angeles Fire Department. Over eighteen years ago, Brian was diagnosed with a terminal liver disease. With the relentless support from his wife and his faith, he battled the disease until he received a liver transplant at [...]
By uclahealth • August 6, 2011   A pair of sisters attracted national attention in January when Mississippi governor Haley Barbour released them from prison - on condition that one donate a kidney to the other. In early March a variant -of a sort, anyway- played out at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical [...]
By uclahealth • March 14, 2011   Alan and Blyden's Story Kidney Transplant Rejuvenates a Life and Reconnects Old Friends Friends since childhood but separated by years and geography, Alan Landros and Blyden Loutensock found each other again in a time of need. And when it came time for Loutensock to make [...]
By uclahealth • September 23, 2009   Eight months into her pregnancy, Leiauna Anderson lost her child, and she almost lost her life as well. It took a liver transplant to save her. When Leiauna's pregnancy ended tragically with the in utero death of her baby, doctors discovered that her liver had [...]
By uclahealth • September 23, 2009