When I was 11, I went to see my doctor for back pain. She sent me home thinking it was just muscle pain from gymnastics. About a month later, I collapsed while practicing a back handspring. The pain was incredibly intense. I couldn't walk for the rest of the day. [...]
By Jillwashere1 • March 7, 2013
In early December, 2011, I was diagnosed with a rare tumor on my carotid artery. I had lymph node involvement I was told and immediate medical attention was warranted. Before I could digest the news, I was also told that I needed a team of "specialty" Physicians for the best [...]
By Julie58 • February 17, 2013
It was almost two decades ago that I was told that my life would be cut short. I had contracted Hepatitis C and at the time there was no cure. I was told by several doctors that I would be lucky to live to see my 40th birthday. After [...]
By AlanK • February 14, 2013
The level of care and the comfort UCLA has provided my family is second to none and will forever be part of our lives and etched in our memories. In 2005, our daughter was born into the caring arms of lovely nurses and amazing doctors. With almost no complications, mother [...]
By jaxanddoug • January 26, 2013
I met Dr. Eric Fonkalsrud in 1983. He was Chief of Pediatric Surgery at UCLA Hospital, and his patients were often newborn infants with congenital malformations. I was 42-years old, happily married and had two young school-age children. Let me give you the background for our meeting. I had [...]
By GABZ • January 12, 2013
Like many of the children who end up at Mattel Children's Hospital, our son has a complex medical profile, and includes catastrophic Infantile Spasms, neurological visual impairment, spinal deformity, low muscle tone that keeps him from holding up his head, and for this visit, GI problems. After a year of [...]
By AnselsDaybreak • January 12, 2013