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A doctor's note for sunscreen at school? Why that's a mistake

August 23, 2017

A doctor’s note for sunscreen at school? Why that’s a mistake

By Ryan Hatoum rhatoum

An estimated 80 percent of a person’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation — most of it from sunlight — occurs before the age of 18. Sunscreen is one of our primary defense mechanisms against ultraviolet radiation, but schools across the United States face a challenge because the Food and Drug Administration classifies sunscreen as an over-the-counter […]

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Super skin: Seven ways to get a healthy glow

November 9, 2016

Super skin: Seven ways to get a healthy glow

By uclahealth uclahealth

We’d all love skin that glows with health, inside and out. To mark National Healthy Skin Month, we asked Hayley Goldbach, MD, UCLA dermatology resident, to share her top tips for healthy skin. 1. Start from the inside. Good overall health equals good skin, so cover your bases: Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and […]

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