summer safety

Although most of the estimated 900 species of ticks worldwide don’t pose a health threat to humans, the handful that do can spread some nasty diseases via their bites

By Ask the Doctors • May 12, 2021

Studies indicate that proper safety measures can make camp a fairly low-risk adventure

By Sandy Cohen • May 11, 2021
Summer is here, and along with it comes many opportunities for adventure. Count on these tips to keep your children safe while playing: General summertime safety tips Apply these safety tips to every summer activity: Sunscreen Sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer.
By uclahealth • June 20, 2018
Dips in the pool, long days at the beach and trips to the playground: summer is synonymous with outdoor fun. Prolonged heat exposure on sunny days can also carry potential risks for kids, such as dehydration, heat illness and sunburn. But the good news is that they are easily [...]
By uclahealth • May 5, 2016