The IT band is a long swath of connective tissue that makes it possible for us to use our legs to travel

By Ask the Doctors • May 7, 2021

Create a comfortable and healthy workspace in your home

By Simi Singer • September 4, 2020
Foam rollers have become more prevalent in gyms, exercise classes and therapy clinics during the past 10 years.  Many physical therapists use foam rollers to help patients recover from injuries – and for good reason.  This flexible piece of equipment can help [...]
By Simi Singer • June 12, 2018
Dear Doctor: I try not to use opioids for my chronic back pain, but I'm finding myself turning to them more often. Could marijuana help? Dear Reader: Pain is one of most difficult aspects of medicine to understand. No one can [...]
By Ask the Doctors • March 20, 2018