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Virginia's Story Total Lost: 100 pounds* “There were things I had done when I was younger, like horseback riding, that I couldn’t do because I couldn’t lift myself up into the saddle. Since my surgery, I have done it. I’ve gone on hikes. I’ve gone to the beach. I’ve [...]

By uclahealth • October 12, 2016

                              Sheena's Story Total Lost: 75 pounds* My weight [...]

By uclahealth • September 30, 2016

                              Monica's Story Total Lost: 57 pounds (in the first 6 [...]

By uclahealth • September 30, 2016

December 9,2014 is the day my life was saved. I weighed 347 pounds day of surgery. I had sleep apnea, I was experiencing menopause, had back and knee pain. I became winded just walking from the car to my house. I was severely depressed. Something had to change. At age [...]

By a.wadsworth2011 • September 28, 2016

Sleep on This: 6 Important Facts About Sleep Whether you’re one of the few who sleep like a baby or are constantly playing catch up, your sleep habits play a critical role in your health. Our bodies not only need to recharge, but our brains also need time [...]

By uclahealth • March 11, 2016