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Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Helen you should be my Super Nurse always there ready to help the Patient with any Medical concern ! Thank you for your service ! By: Samuel G.
By gmasgras • June 6, 2019

“I thought we were just going for a walk and he surprised me with this mini horse,” says Teresa Do, a first-time mother at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “I’m at UCLA Health because I just [...]

By uclahealth • May 13, 2019

“We take calls for service and we dispatch security officers to respond to any incidents in the hospital,” says Mary Mathis-Hargett, security command center manager at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “We take about 5,000 [...]

By uclahealth • May 13, 2019

“I got a call that a man was unresponsive and face down in a water fountain,” says Latoya Finch, a healthcare security officer at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “I responded to the call and [...]

By uclahealth • May 13, 2019

“It’s a really exciting time for interventional cardiology as new technologies come to light for valvular heart disease,” says By uclahealth • May 13, 2019

"When you are on the other side, you feel like you’ve won,” says 72-year-old John Babcock, who received a heart transplant at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in 2018. “I have hope now, and I [...]
By uclahealth • April 23, 2019

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Hospital social workers help patients and loved ones through difficult medical situations and facilitate communication with care teams.

Social workers play a pivotal role at UCLA Health, helping patients and loved ones navigate challenging medical situations. They advocate for patient rights; provide education about conditions, treatments and available community [...]

By uclahealth • April 22, 2019

July 10th 2018 I am walking down the halls of Ronald Reagan Medical Center with butterflies in my stomach. My mom and dad following close behind, whispering it would all be okay, reminding me how brave I was. This was a Tuesday [...]

By MichelleNicole • April 22, 2019
21 years ago I had a quadruple bypass then last March I had a minor heart attack,” says 61-year-old James Harris, who was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to wait for a heart transplant. “I [...]
By uclahealth • April 15, 2019
“This is the heart transplant support group,” says Codie Lieto, far right, a clinical social worker at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “We meet with patients, families, and their caregivers. It’s important to have peer-to-peer support. We try to facilitate patients and families being able to support one another and [...]
By uclahealth • April 12, 2019