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Video conferencing during the pandemic leads to spike in cosmetic procedures.

By Sandy Cohen • February 3, 2022

More men are undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. Here’s what they need to know.   Move over women, men want their plastic surgery, too. A new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons finds more men are seeking plastic surgery to enhance [...]

By Amy Albin • July 17, 2018

Late 2016 , i began to noticed that chloe’s smile wasnt symmetric with the rest of her facial expressions. I wished that my eyes werent decieving me but as a mom you cant ignore things that you feel in your gut arent right. So as a mom would do I [...]

By Chlo Chlo • May 15, 2018

Phrenic nerve damaged in traffic accident made it difficult to breathe, potentially ending his career Collisions are not uncommon for motorcycle officers who spend most of their time on the road. Officer Eric Holtz of the Los Angeles Police Department knows this first-hand. In July 2014, Holtz [...]

By Amy Albin • January 19, 2018

“I was a sun worshipper when I was younger and I noticed I was starting to age rapidly,” says 55-year-old Veronica T. Sanchez, who came to UCLA Health for plastic surgery after attending an informational speaking event. “I didn’t know how much you could do with plastic surgery. I [...]

By uclahealth • November 2, 2017

Jonathan stood on the hardwood floor at Staples Center, swishing shots at the same basket where Laker legends have delivered many awe-inspiring performances. For Jonathan, an entertainment executive who received a hand transplant at UCLA six months earlier, this was a made-for-TV moment even he couldn’t script.

By uclahealth • August 1, 2017

Dr. Tseng performed a tummy tuck and breast reduction for me. And I am extremely happy with the results. When I went to his office for the pre-op, I was very nervous regarding the surgery. Dr. Tseng explained everything thoroughly and put me totally at ease. I never felt rushed [...]

By judy1 • May 8, 2017

Every since I was little I've had a freckle on the lower part of my eye. In the last few years it started getting larger and began to bother my vision and people began to comment on it. I was nervous to have it removed since it was so close [...]

By mhf95 • February 2, 2017

A terrible car accident left me in rough shape a few years ago. In addition to a head injury, I suffered a broken nose and a deep laceration on the tip of my nose. Dr. Jarrarhy came to the rescue with some 3 [...]

By ccp • January 25, 2017