My son Sam was 10 years old and 1 month on the day he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He had been so excited for his 10th birthday. Double digits was a big deal. Little did we know that 30 days later things would be an even bigger deal. He was [...]
By vmbathfield • January 20, 2016
9Smiley Riley. Four-year-old Riley Hart was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April of 2013. Riley, who is affectionately nicknamed Smiley Riley, is now undergoing maintenance chemotherapy. Mother Reyna Hart explains, “Maintenance means she is in remission, but that doesn’t mean you stop chemotherapy.” Currently, Riley comes into UCLA Medical [...]
By uclahealth • August 7, 2015
"We're from Seattle. We were on vacation in Palm Springs when Miles stopped breathing. He was drinking some formula and stopped breathing for about three minutes, they had to do CPR," says Krissy, mother of 10-month-old Miles. "We were told to come to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA because they have [...]
By uclahealth • June 30, 2015
"About a month ago, we brought Leighton into our UCLA pediatrician for an eye infection. It ended up being a blocked tear duct that turned into a sinus infection. They did a routine blood sample and discovered she has leukemia," says Jennifer, mother of 4-year-old Leighton. "It was quite [...]
By uclahealth • June 30, 2015
"Jonah has been dealing with epilepsy for three years now," says Susan Sanders, mother of 8-year-old Jonah Sanders. "He wasn't getting seizure control with any of the meds he was on; he was still having an average of one-to-three seizures per week." Jonah underwent a seven-hour surgery where doctors removed [...]
By uclahealth • June 30, 2015
She has a Heart Full of Happiness. Shania needs a second heart transplant. We're waiting, and she is here long-term until she receives one," says Rosanna, mom to 8-year-old Shania. Shania received her first heart transplant in May 2007, then developed coronary artery disease seven years later. The team at [...]
By uclahealth • June 30, 2015

“How do you say thank you for giving your baby life?” Nicole still wonders. In addition to the gratitude she feels towards Dravyn’s transplant team, Nicole has as special place in her heart for the family of the donor.

By uclahealth • March 19, 2015