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November 9th, 2017

Smooth Thyroid Surgery

By Rob radean57

I went to have my hearing checked and that’s when I found out about a nodule in my left thyroid. It was really scary when I first found out. When I came to UCLA, the doctors checked it with an ultrasound and decided to have it removed with surgery. The surgery itself went smoothly and […]

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November 7th, 2017


By Rose adrineayrapetyan

Around 2 years ago, I felt a lump on my neck. During a regular checkup, my doctor recommended that I get an ultrasound, visit a thyroid specialist and receive a biopsy. The biopsy scared me a lot, and unfortunately the results came back cancerous. At the time I didn’t know anything about thyroid cancer, and […]

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November 6th, 2017

Not necessarily the 4th of July Celebration my wife and I were expecting

By Stu stulamden

On July 4th 2016, my wife and I were driving home from a concert and got into a terrible car accident. We were both injured and were taken to a local hospital. We decided to hire an attorney that recommended that we have MRIs done due to aches and pains as a result of the […]

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November 5th, 2017

Made Me Feel Like Family

By erikac ecanada7

A few months ago I followed up for a previous medical condition with a CT scan, and they happened to find a cyst on my adrenal gland. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Lihvits to get a second opinion on whether to monitor it or get surgery. After reviewing the tests and images, […]

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November 4th, 2017


By gfamily ganemfamilyemail

Both my daughter and I received surgery with Dr. Yeh. I had a parathyroid surgery years ago, and it went very successfully. When we found out that my daughter had thyroid cancer, the decision to return to Dr. Yeh was an easy one because of prior positive experiences. We were blown away by Dr. Yeh […]

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November 3rd, 2017

When You’ve Done Your Best, Everything Falls into Place

By CalOrchid oplasencia2

I was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer in late August and received surgery 5 weeks following the diagnosis. I had been noticing several benign nodules with a previous physician, but he disregarded them and closed the case. Unsatisfied with this conclusion, I remained adamant to find another endocrinologist who would explore the issue further. I […]

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November 2nd, 2017

My Experience with My Adrenal Gland which I Never Knew I Had

By Shirley smcahren34

I never even knew it was there until I had a CAT scan. I’d never heard of it, so when I found out about my diagnosis of a tumor on my adrenal gland I was a bit scared. The doctor recommended that I see Dr. Lihvits, and after meeting with her she explained to me […]

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November 1st, 2017

Full thyroidectomy

By Monica monicaydiaz

I came to Dr. Yeh since my dad had been a patient of his. I liked how personable he was, how he gave simple explanations and made sure the diagnosis was understood. He took his time and answered all questions – I never felt rushed. He shared information and was very informative. I had a […]

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October 31st, 2017

Toys from the Heart

By HRHJudy judy12

Vivian Prickett was born with a complex congenital heart defect and spent the first six months of her life in the NICU. At just 10 days old she had open heart surgery.

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October 31st, 2017

Experience with Dr. Livhitz

By A5893 hashikian

Overall experience was really good, she explained the entire process and did a really good job with the surgery. Id recommend her to anybody that would need these type of services.

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