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November 5, 2017

Made Me Feel Like Family

By erikac ecanada7

A few months ago I followed up for a previous medical condition with a CT scan, and they happened to find a cyst on my adrenal gland. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Lihvits to get a second opinion on whether to monitor it or get surgery. After reviewing the tests and images, […]

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September 8, 2017

Get it out and be done with it!

By Syd sydneyhanelsh

I had an endocrinologist that I liked that was monitoring my hyperthyroidism but she moved away. I had new nodules but every 6 months there were more. Dr. Livhits had seen me and said no need for surgery at that time but when the risk increased to the 40% level we decided to proceed. Also […]

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Tags: benign, constant biopsies, Dr. Masha Livhits, endocrinologist, endocrinology, hyperthyroidism, incisional pain, new nodules, no surgery, pain medicine, pathology report, patient stories