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When does a person need parathyroid surgery?

October 22, 2018

When does a person need parathyroid surgery?

By Ask the Doctors Ask the Doctors

Dear Doctor: When does a person require parathyroid surgery? I’ve heard it discussed but don’t know much about it.    As their name implies, the parathyroid glands are located next to the thyroid gland.  You have four of them, two on each side, behind the thyroid gland in the neck.  The parathyroid glands help regulate […]

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September 16, 2017

A Good Experience

By Sally Sally

I had a kidney failure in 2008 and for almost 10 years I was on dialysis. Then in March of 2017 I had a transplant. Lab tests showed my parathyroid levels were very high. I was prescribed medicine and the dosage was increased from low to very high. My calcium was high and there was […]

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