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Biodesign Bootcamp

September 5, 2019

Biodesign Bootcamp

By uclahealth uclahealth

“This is the first year of the UCLA Biodesign Program. It’s such an interesting intersection between medicine, business, and engineering,” explains Dr. Peter Hsiue, a third-year orthopedic surgery resident at UCLA Health. “These three groups are so critical to advancing healthcare, but they seldom talk to each other. Being part of the wonderful environment they’ve […]

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Planning ahead for your child's surgery this summer

May 11, 2018

Planning ahead for your child’s surgery this summer

By Amy Albin Amy Albin

To minimize missing school days, many kids get their elective surgery done over the summer vacation. But surgery and recovery can also mean missing out on summer fun. Knowing what to expect can help parents and kids plan ahead. Here are tips from two surgeons who perform some common types of pediatric surgeries that often […]

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Young doctor follows in his father's footsteps

June 29, 2016

Young doctor follows in his father’s footsteps

By Elaine Schmidt Elaine Schmidt

Club foot.  Scoliosis.  Pigeon toes. The images of impoverished Vietnamese children suffering from these disorders–all easily corrected by surgery in the U.S.–are forever seared in Harry Mai’s brain. The 26-year-old visited Vietnam dozens of times as a child and possesses a strong connection to its most vulnerable citizens.  He credits his father, Hong, for both. […]

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