obstetrics and gynecology

I recently became in dire need of a urologist and surgeon. In my area, none of the physicians would perform the surgery. My daughter placed a call to a friend, a Washington D.C. hospital administtator. Without hesitation, he recommended Dr. Christopher M. Tarnay [...]
By Most grateful patient • April 13, 2018
I often report symptoms of various kinds to my longtime internist, Dr. Mina Ma. She has a great ability to determine what should be of concern. Fourteen years ago, she decided I should seek further help for some odd spotting. Because she knew when to be concerned, I went [...]
By diana b • March 25, 2017
A revolving team of UCLA surgical experts is providing critical medical care to hundreds of women in Africa who suffer from incontinence brought on by difficult, prolonged [...]
By uclahealth • December 6, 2016