Letters – we’ve been reading your letters. Thank you for your interest in our thoughts, the humor with which you evaluate – and sometimes chide – us, and the passion you continue show for health sciences and research. Your thoughts and questions are always interesting, often touching, and never fail [...]
By Ask the Doctors • September 19, 2018
Dear Doctors: We just moved from Miami, Florida to northern Michigan and even though my daily routine hasn’t changed and I’m not on any new medications, I have begun to get a nosebleed every few weeks. Should I be worried? Dr. Elizabeth Ko and Dr. [...]
By Ask the Doctors • June 13, 2018
Up to 60 percent of people experience at least one nosebleed at some point in their lives. Most cases occur in children 2 to 10 years old. Source of nosebleeds Most children report that they can sense the onset of a nosebleed before it occurs. Ninety percent [...]
By uclahealth • December 21, 2016