NICU   We were in the NICU for approximately 3 months. We received the best care there. I actually was on bedrest at UCLA Santa Monica for a month prior to the girls being born. There are so many worries you have when your children are in the [...]
By uclahealth • August 7, 2015   When Jerrod was born, the first thing my wife said was “How come I don’t hear him crying?” And from that - it was rough from there. They were noticing breathing issues, heavy respiration. Then he had to be separated from us. Told us he may [...]
By uclahealth • August 7, 2015
My son was born at 28 weeks. We had a very hard time. Thank goodness he was strong enough to make it through. When you’re in the NICU, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and problems. Every day there is a different problem to solve. Sometimes you forget that you are [...]
By uclahealth • June 30, 2015