Neurology & Neurosurgery

“I was a patient here in 2006 for a 16-hour resection of a brain tumor,” says Brad Lusk, a 68-year-old neurosurgery patient who was running 60 miles per week prior to finding out he had a growing meningioma tumor. “The better shape you’re in when you go in for surgery [...]
By uclahealth • December 5, 2016
On November 2, 2008 I was involved in a motorcycle accident while riding my beautiful Ducati. My life forever changed on that day. I was admitted to the UCLA Neuro-ICU for 6 weeks. I then transferred to a sub acute skilled nursing facility for 4 months and after that to [...]
By Marco • July 17, 2013
This is the remarkable story of our little boy Evan, and his life with catastrophic epilepsy, and the surgical procedure hemispherectomy that saved his life. When Evan turned three months old, he was diagnosed with infantile spasms, a rare and catastrophic seizure disorder that can do so much damage very [...]
By 4Evan • February 8, 2013
I was on the phone just chatting with my son. All of a sudden, I felt something I had never felt before. I knew it was serious, and said I had to hang up. I felt a pressure above my eyes like a visor tightening on my head, and then [...]
By organicart • January 15, 2013
On November 20th, I had a seizure in the early morning and was rushed by ambulance to the ER in San Diego where after a cat scan the doctor told us that I have a mass in my brain. Then an MRI confirmed the cat scan showed a 5cm mass [...]
By lovemel12 • January 14, 2013
Our daughter was born healthy. At the age of one month old she became ill with bacterial meningitis, she went on to three bouts of BM before the age of 1year old. Due to this she had brain damage, epilepsy, and severely mentally and physically delayed. She had different types [...]
By NadiaLaurensParents • January 11, 2013 Imagine if every noise your body made echoed loudly in your brain. For nine months, Karrie Aitken, 46, couldn’t tolerate any sound, including her own voice. Each word vibrated in her head like she was trapped inside a barrel. Munching on chips was deafening. But hearing her heartbeat [...]
By Edna • December 3, 2012   Already battling multiple sclerosis for 25 years, Jonathan Horne saw things go from bad to worse when he began experiencing pain that shot through his shoulders and neck. The pain was so bad that Jonathan could barely get out of bed and needed help to do [...]
By uclahealth • November 21, 2011