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Find out more about dialysis treatments

By uclahealth • July 16, 2020
  I went to the 2017 UCLA Kidney Health Event. I was blown away by the number of participants, and volunteers helping out. It was such an educational event, about so many diseases related to kidney health, but it was also such a beautiful and fun day. [...]
By jajosaee • March 30, 2017
Have you ever wondered why people choose to donate a kidney? And whether these donors regret their decision later? Amy Waterman first became interested in organ donation over 20 years ago when she conducted surveys of kidney donors as a graduate student in [...]
By Enrique Rivero • March 28, 2017
I was born at Harbor General UCLA Medical center. In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, eventually needing dialysis and a kidney transplant. I am eternally grateful for my UCLA Transplant team: Drs. Veale, Gritsch, Danovitch, and Singer. [...]
By saunaedwards • March 30, 2016
I wound up in the ER with kidney pain . . . nowhere close to UCLA. My labs showed that there could be an issue with my kidneys. I called UCLA because I trust their specialists. I went into the Nephrology department, and, after my tests, it was found that [...]
By Joey • January 11, 2013