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June 5, 2019

Stacy B.

By gmasgras gmasgras

Stacy went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during my MRI. I am severely claustrophobic in MRI machines and my medication did not kick in so I was panicking internally, sweating and breathing heavily. She offered to put music on for me and that actually calmed me down while I was inside the […]

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November 6, 2018

I Feel Amazing

By RamonaM RamonaM

I came down to UCLA because I found out that I had hyperparathyroidism and started researching what it was because I never heard of it before. I learned that surgery wasn’t difficult but tricky so I had to find a specialist for parathyroid surgery. I started looking for someone in the LA area and ran […]

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March 29, 2018

Our Journey with RR UCLA Medical Center

By JnJ JnJ

I’m writing this story on behalf of my wife. Back in April 2017, I took my wife to the ER at another hospital. She was incoherent, confused, and had difficulty forming sentences. This is where she was diagnosed to have suffered a stroke. Subsequent MRI’s and cerebral angiogram were performed which then confirmed that she […]

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January 18, 2018

Discovering the UCLA East-West Medicine Center

By LucysDad LucysDad

I got sick about 4 months ago. I didn’t know what it was. I had itching sensations all over my body, but there was no rash or any other visible sign. The itching was so bad that I could not sleep at night. I was staying up all night itching myself and only pass out […]

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My Son's Brain Tumor

November 29, 2017

My Son’s Brain Tumor

By uclahealth uclahealth

Last year in March, I received a call from the school nurse. Saying “C” is alright but I wanted to call because today in class he said he blacked out, didn’t know what was going on.

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Tags: autistic children, biopsy, black outs, CT scan, Dr. Aria Fallah, emergency room, ER, featured, high functioning autistic, hormone changes, hormones, infectious disease

November 6, 2017

Not necessarily the 4th of July Celebration my wife and I were expecting

By Stu Stu

On July 4th 2016, my wife and I were driving home from a concert and got into a terrible car accident. We were both injured and were taken to a local hospital. We decided to hire an attorney that recommended that we have MRIs done due to aches and pains as a result of the […]

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Why do some people stay sharp as they age? Massive study may yield clues

August 1, 2017

Why do some people stay sharp as they age? Massive study may yield clues

By Leigh Hopper Leigh Hopper

Look closely at the brain scans above, and one of the first things you notice is how the ventricles – the dark, butterfly shapes in the middle of the brain — are much larger in the image labeled “old” than in the image labeled “young.” (The scans are from a 38-year-old and a 73-year-old.) You […]

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April 13, 2017

Immunotherapy Is Making a Huge Difference!

By bryantinsb bryantinsb

In May 2016 I received a stunning diagnosis of metastatic melanoma from UCLA’s Dr. Bartosz Chmielowski and my oncologist in Santa Barbara, Dr. Mark Abate. These two amazing doctors agreed that I was a good candidate for the new miracle immunotherapy drugs, which activate one’s immune system to fight cancer. At the time, cancer permeated […]

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18-Year Brain Tumor Survivor Thriving from 3rd Awake Brain Surgery & Immunotherapy Vaccine from Dr. Linda Liau at UCLA

November 30, 2016

18-Year Brain Tumor Survivor Thriving from 3rd Awake Brain Surgery & Immunotherapy Vaccine from Dr. Linda Liau at UCLA

By jwals jwals

Jeannine Walston shares her story, with detailed information about her experience at UCLA, Dr. Liau, brain surgery, immunotherapy vaccine, and how to support research.

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Tags: awake brain surgery, blood biomarkers, brain cancer vaccines, brain tumor, brain tumors, cancer, chemotherapy, clinical trials, DCVax-L vaccine, Dr. Linda Liau MD PhD, functional brain mapping, functional MRI

October 10, 2016

Triumphant Thyroid Cancer Surgery!

By tsgrummon tsgrummon

After having her thyroid out in 2011 due to cancer, “Gigi” (ficticious name used for this true story) went back to her then doctor every six months, for five years, for blood tests. The results hovered in the same place and never really came down. Gigi was always curious about this but it was explained […]

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