Dear Doctor: One of the schools in my area has been the focus of news reports about a bacterial meningitis case. How contagious is this disease? Bacterial meningitis cases in school-age children, adolescents and college students are predominately caused by two [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 27, 2018
Dear Doctor: My daughter’s school recently sent home a flyer about potential exposure to hand-foot-and-mouth disease. How worried should I be? Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) is very common. It occurs most often in infants and children less than 7 years of age [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 3, 2018
According to the CDC, there are many diseases that have recommended vaccination schedules. The goal is for all U.S. citizens to receive these vaccinations to prevent the spread of these infectious diseases, and ultimately to eradicate them. Specific vaccine recommendations vary depending on age, geographic location, and other [...]
By uclahealth • February 26, 2016
"I was perfectly healthy a little over a month ago, then I started having headaches and fatigue. I was admitted into the hospital on my birthday," says 27-year-old Jenna Neumann. After a false diagnosis, Jenna transferred to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center where she was diagnosed with mono [...]
By uclahealth • June 30, 2015
Our daughter was born healthy. At the age of one month old she became ill with bacterial meningitis, she went on to three bouts of BM before the age of 1year old. Due to this she had brain damage, epilepsy, and severely mentally and physically delayed. She had different types [...]
By NadiaLaurensParents • January 11, 2013