Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

My name is Vicky I’m 28 years old and I’m a 2x liver transplant survivor. Throughout my life, I never knew what life was like before my first transplant. You see, shortly after I was born, I was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a birth defect where the bile ducts don’t [...]
By Vicky • January 15, 2013
When Gianna was 3 months old we noticed that one leg was longer and slightly fatter than the other. After a visit to the emergency and to her Pediatrician they confirmed it was Hemihypertrophy...which by itself is not dangerous but is associated with a type of cancer called Wilms Tumor. [...]
By atiana19 • January 12, 2013
Like many of the children who end up at Mattel Children's Hospital, our son has a complex medical profile, and includes catastrophic Infantile Spasms, neurological visual impairment, spinal deformity, low muscle tone that keeps him from holding up his head, and for this visit, GI problems. After a year of [...]
By AnselsDaybreak • January 12, 2013
Our daughter was born with multiple disabilities, including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and GI disfunction. She was in a wheelchair, and always depended on tube-feeding and diapering. At the same time, she was always smiling, giggling, and wearing pink Hello Kitty clothes and giant hair bows. In early 2011, we [...]
By SEvansHB • January 11, 2013
I was 13 years old and was running sprints for my high school girls' basketball team. All of a sudden, I felt really dizzy and fainted to the floor. The next thing I remember was coming in and out of consciousness in the girls' locker room. "Rachel*? Rachel? Hello???? Stay [...]
By Rachie4 • January 11, 2013
In the summer of 2010, our daughter Grace became a cancer patient at the young age of 5. What a shock to us all that one minute she was swimming in a lake in Wisconsin and the next she was admitted into Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. Grace was diagnosed with [...]
By Clare315 • January 11, 2013
Parker was born July 10, 2012 in Bakersfield CA, a seemingly healthy baby boy. Though he was 5 weeks premature, we were told he was perfectly fine, and would not require NICU care. After about 72 hours, Parker's health began to decline, requiring him to be air-lifted to UCLA when [...]
By loriharris7_bv • January 11, 2013
Our daughter was born healthy. At the age of one month old she became ill with bacterial meningitis, she went on to three bouts of BM before the age of 1year old. Due to this she had brain damage, epilepsy, and severely mentally and physically delayed. She had different types [...]
By NadiaLaurensParents • January 11, 2013   Keyota Cole was born with a bad heart. The 33-year-old from of Bakersfield, Calif., suffers from a congenital heart disease called Ebstein's malformation of the tricuspid valve, and from abnormal pulmonary veins. She has undergone multiple surgeries over her lifetime, including one to repair a [...]
By uclahealth • February 13, 2012 Nearly 200 children are awaiting heart transplants in the United States, but many will die before a suitable organ becomes available. Penelope Gordon was among those youngsters facing an uncertain future when she was airlifted to Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA after becoming desperately ill following a visit to [...]
By uclahealth • May 28, 2010