labor & delivery

While you’re in labor, it’s like you’re in a cocoon with your family and nurse-midwife.  You’re charting your own course in your own world, comfortably and naturally,” says Carliegh Garcia, who is expecting her fourth child in December.  

“The birth process for my first three – all delivered by By uclahealth • October 4, 2019

Happy Doctors’ Day to the most wonderful OB, Dr. Alexander Chiang. I appreciate your honesty and approach-ability, and most of all, I appreciate the time you take to answer my questions in the office and out of office. I don’t know how you do it, but I [...]
By Marissa8 • March 31, 2019
Shadman Habibi delivered my first of two boys. I had prenatal care through Santa Monica family health center , and was fortunate enough to have been cared for by all of the Ucla midwives. My delivery with Shadman went smoothly and safely, and I was pleased that [...]
By Bellabell • January 25, 2013