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Through visits with my primary care physician Robert Ashley and cardiologist Michael Mazar (both of whom are great) , I learned that I had multiple blockages in the three main coronary arteries. Quintuple bypass was performed by
By MTquint • March 29, 2019
“We did everything out of love,” says Jeanet Odero, pictured center, a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. Pictured left is Melinda Espiritu and pictured right is Ericka Boyd. Jeanet continues, “He’s very sick, and this [...]
By uclahealth • January 11, 2019
“This is my first hospital wedding,” says Joseph Hepburn, officiant and intensive care unit chaplain at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. “The patient is gravely ill, and he wants to have this marriage ceremony for his fiancée and three little children. I’ve [...]
By uclahealth • January 11, 2019
“It was a really beautiful day, I didn’t expect it to be so grand,” says Tanyce Bush, who got married in the Intensive Care Unit at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica to long-time partner Christopher Johnson, who has stage 4 T-cell lymphoma [...]
By uclahealth • January 11, 2019
“Your boy is getting hitched!” exclaims Christopher Johnson, who has stage 4 T-cell lymphoma cancer and has been in and out of the hospital since November 2017. As part of the Three Wishes program, Christopher is getting married to his long-time partner Tanyce Bush [...]
By uclahealth • January 2, 2019

In Oct. of 2017, I had a dual lung transplant at UCLA/ Ronald Reagen Medical Center

By 4Pritch • August 16, 2018
I was referred to the pulmonology department at UCLA because I needed higher level of care to treat my follicular bronchiolitis. What in 2013 appeared to be a scary unknown has turned out to be a transformational journey. Over the next three years, my condition [...]
By MexChilanga • April 12, 2018
I weighed 115 pounds (6’0”) and had been in a wheel chair and on oxygen for 2 years. I was gently told that I was too weak for a transplant and would be taken off the National Transplant List in about a week. Friday night we got the call at [...]
By UCLA Transplanted • March 29, 2018
Dr. Busuttil, It has been a little over a year (August 30, 2016) since I had my liver transplant at UCLA. I am writing to express my utmost gratitude to you and your team for saving my life. I would not be here without [...]
By Markgolfer • October 11, 2017
To the UCLA medical team who cared for my father in his final weeks of life: My father, Frank Eck, recently passed away on the 8th floor of your medical center, in the ICU. After a bravely combating a myriad of health issues for two-and-a-half weeks with profound determination [...]
By patrickeck • July 7, 2016