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Made me feel like the most important patient in the world

March 29, 2019

Made me feel like the most important patient in the world

By MTquint MTquint

Through visits with my primary care physician Robert Ashley and cardiologist Michael Mazar (both of whom are great) , I learned that I had multiple blockages in the three main coronary arteries. Quintuple bypass was performed by Curtis Hunter on September 28, 2018. In the weeks leading up to the surgery, Dr. Hunter promptly and […]

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March 29, 2018

Robert Oye is the Best of the Best!

By SL and VJ SL and VJ

Robert Oye is the best of the best doctors—and you know that is pretty impressive considering that the UCLA doctors are the best in our UCLA experience of over 45 years. Who else would put up with us that long and still be always smiling, warm, personable and positive (no, I’m not talking about Lionel […]

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A couple's journey: Escaping World War II, seven decades of marriage and life-saving heart procedures at age 90

February 22, 2018

A couple’s journey: Escaping World War II, seven decades of marriage and life-saving heart procedures at age 90

By Amy Albin Amy Albin

Minimally invasive procedure replaces failing heart valve in older patients too frail for surgery World War II was ending, and Rudolph Loebel’s father had been killed at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, in German-occupied Poland. Fearing for his safety, Loebel’s mother sent her teenage son to a children’s home in a small town in […]

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Surgery with heart

August 7, 2017

Surgery with heart

By uclahealth uclahealth

“I was afraid with general anesthesia that I wouldn’t wake up again,” says Francis Shloss, who came to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for her heart surgery. Dr. William Suh, who performed her TAVR, or transcatheter aortic valve replacement surgery, says, “We wanted to respect Mrs. Shloss’ preferences so we said we would give zero […]

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March 31, 2017

From broken to healed

By mstriplem mstriplem

After getting a second opinion five years ago, I finally needed my repair. I wanted to thank my great UCLA cardiologist, Dr. Leigh Reardon, his great clinical team and my surgeon, Dr. Hillel Laks and his surgical team! They were all amazing in treating my condition. I am grateful for their skill, and most of […]

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January 25, 2016

MitraClip eliminates the need for open-heart surgery

By uclahealth uclahealth

On November 5, Maliheh Elmi underwent UCLA’s first successful MitraClip procedure, a percutaneous surgery that repairs the heart’s mitral valve without the need for open-heart surgery. At 90 years old, Maliheh was at a much higher risk for complications during a typical mitral valve surgery, as well as afterward in recovery. However, after the MitraClip […]

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