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Healthy diet, physical activity, low stress and strong social supports really do help you live longer.

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By uclahealth • February 22, 2017
We’d all love skin that glows with health, inside and out. To mark National Healthy Skin Month, we asked Hayley Goldbach, MD, UCLA dermatology resident, to share her top tips for healthy skin. 1. Start from the inside. Good overall health equals good skin, [...]
By uclahealth • November 9, 2016
While “summertime food” may conjure images of hot dogs and ice cream, summer is actually the perfect time to increase your family’s intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Whether they’re cannonballing into the pool, building sandcastles, riding bikes or scaling jungle gyms, fun in the sun makes [...]
By uclahealth • June 22, 2016
Contestants on the hit show “The Biggest Loser” are known for their remarkable transformations. Some of the program’s stars have lost over 200 pounds with intensive dieting and exercise. But new research from scientists at the National Institutes of Health suggests that those remarkable body makeovers are incredibly tough [...]
By uclahealth • June 13, 2016
Serves 6 Recipe Ingredients 1 ½ tsp. Olive oil ¾ cup Onions, fresh, diced 1 tsp. Garlic, chopped ½ cup Celery, chopped ¾ cup Green bell pepper, julienned ¾ cup Zucchini, diced 1” ¾ cup Mushrooms, pre-sliced 1 tsp. Chili powder, mild ½ tsp. Cayenne [...]
By uclahealth • March 3, 2016
Serves 6 Recipe Ingredients 6 each Tilapia filets, boneless, raw 5–7 oz. each 1 cup Seasoned flour (see sub-recipe) 3 oz. Fresh pink grapefruit cut into bite size chunks 3 oz. Kale, shredded 3 oz. Homemade Greek dressing (see sub-recipe) 1 ¼ cup Quinoa with [...]
By uclahealth • February 26, 2016
Keeping your heart healthy is important. You've probably heard plenty about the foods that you shouldn't eat to keep your heart healthy, but there are plenty of delicious options that will help improve your health. Check out these 7 foods to eat for a healthy heart. Fish is [...]
By uclahealth • February 24, 2016
Serves 6 Recipe Ingredients 2 pounds Chicken tenders, raw, cut in smaller pieces 1 Tbsp. Corn oil 1 cup Onions, julienned 1 tsp. Garlic, chopped 2 tsp. Ginger root, minced ¾ cup Tomatoes, fresh, diced ¼ 1 tsp. Cumin, ground ½ tsp. Turmeric, ground 1 [...]
By uclahealth • February 11, 2016