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Integrative medicine programs unite under new collaborative

May 7, 2018

Integrative medicine programs unite under new collaborative

By uclahealth uclahealth

For more than 30 years, UCLA Health has been pairing traditional medical treatments with integrative medicine therapies that address a patient’s mind, body and spirit. Now, a new initiative is bringing the health system’s various integrative medicine offerings under one comprehensive umbrella: the UCLA Health Integrative Medicine Collaborative. “We offer many wonderful integrative medicine programs […]

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September 27, 2017

Someone finally sees who I am

By DivaD DivaD

It’s taken me a long time to accept myself. Twenty years ago, when I finally began the process, it was almost impossible to get insurance companies to pay for trans related care of any kind. Around 2002, I intuitively and stubbornly began to do whatever I could to confirm what I already knew about who […]

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Previously uninsured low-income adults benefit from Medicaid expansion

May 27, 2016

Previously uninsured low-income adults benefit from Medicaid expansion

By Enrique Rivero Enrique Rivero

Whatever your opinion of the Affordable Care Act – views range from “Hallelujah!” to “Socialized medicine, here we come!” – it appears to have opened the doors to insurance for perhaps millions of low-income adults who didn’t have coverage before. Research recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that states that expanded Medicaid […]

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March 3, 2016

HypoGal, My Sheehan’s Syndrome Story

By hypogal hypogal

HypoGal Shares Information about Disability Insurance, Sheehan’s Syndrome and Relapsing Polychondritis (R.P.) HypoGal, My Story My Story; most of my life I have never considered what the words, “chronically ill” or “living with a disability” meant until I began HypoGal. I had related the words,” chronically ill” and “disability” to someone dying or becoming paralyzed. […]

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